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Song: RABIES - Fantasi

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We are the brutal extreme music lovers. We are one of the extreme premium throat..and growl when fantasy run in our head...a lot of trace that scratched in our mind, and we named RABIES.
Formed in bandung, Indonesia on feb 17th 1996 with formation :
Voc - EWON (rip)
Guitar - DANETZ (The Bollocks)
Guitar - AKI (Injected Sufferage) (rip)
Bass - TING
Drum - JIMBO (Sacrilegious).

We've made a little change with the formation
Voc - EWON (rip)
Guitar - DANETZ (The Bollocks)
Guitar - ACONK
Bass - TING
Drum - JIMBO (Sacrilegious).

*On 2003, RABIES released the first album called "drugscore vibration" under PCP record.

2004, the changes continue in a row with the died of our lead voc ewon (rip).
Voc - IVAN SCUMBAG (Burger Kill) (rip)
Guitar - DANETZ (The Bollocks)
Guitar - ACONK
Add drum 1 - kendy (disaster)
Add drum 2 - ijan (closehead)
Bass - TING

On 2006, our voc ivan scumbag (rip) passed away.
and the formation changed.
*2006 - now
Piss Of Cunt Freak - TING
Guitar - DANETZ
Bold Distorted - BINZ
Bass - ACONK
Drum - LINGGA.

free your mind - free your music- kill the fag
hail RABIES!!!!